What to do when you are in a flare.

When you are on a healing journey and get a flare it can get you off track.  However, you don’t need to let it get you too off course.  Here is a short guide to how to get back on track in your life when you are having a flare. Witness and welcome it. Step…

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Give yourself permission to reset- my 45 day reset!

We have the power to reset at any time we desire. The first step to resetting is noticing that something is off.  When you notice a feeling of heavy, stuck, foggy.  You notice that something is off and it’s time to release all the is not serving you to make space for what does serve…

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When your body tells you it’s time to reset!

Your body will always guide you in the correct direction. There are different levels and ways to eat well, move well and live well.  When my body starts to feel heavy and a bit sluggish I know it’s time to RETURN TO THE BASICS! So much of living well is truly RETURNING TO THE BASICS….

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Design a life that heals!

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